About Our Tribe

In 2021, the vibrant tapestry of cultures woven through our CEO's upbringing ignited the spark behind 88 East Village. Born in Virginia, USA, to Ghanaian immigrants, she marinated in a blend of traditions, forging a unique identity amidst the clash and fusion of influences.
From this melting pot emerged a fervent love for fashion, a canvas for celebrating her heritage while embracing her American roots. With a style as eclectic as it is edgy, she sought to capture the essence of her Ghanaian lineage intertwined with her East Coast upbringing.
88 East Village—a homage to the year of her birth and the geographic tapestry of her life—embodies the convergence of worlds: the bustling energy of the East Coast and the rich cultural tapestry of Ghana, from Ayinansin to Agogo.
At our core, we're more than a brand; we're a tribe united by a shared sense of pride and a vision for legacy. With each thread, each stitch, we weave a narrative that transcends borders, connecting urban fashion with global culture. As we carve our path forward, our CEO's vision extends beyond horizons, aiming to showcase the vibrant tapestries of other nations in future collections. Join us on this journey, where heritage meets haute couture, and every garment tells a story of roots and rebellion.